Power Studio

Power Studio is a powerful broadcast automation system. It features all the elements needed to run a professional radio station, without having to pay for extra modules or resort to dozens of extra linker tools to get the job done. Power Studio comes fully loaded.

Easy to use

Power Studio is easy to use. It features a contemporary and comprehensive user interface. All functionality has been intuitively arranged into groups. All functions are easily found and only functions you will actually use are included, to remove unnecessary clutter.

Users are up and running in no time.


The Power Studio playlist is your guide during the show. Not only does it contain the music tracks you are going to play, but also jingles, fillers and external content like news bulletins , which are automatically updated, without you even having to pay attention to it. Navigating and editing the playlist is easy and can be done with the mouse, keyboard or a Contour Shuttle device.

The playlist can be played out automatically or manually. You can switch at any time eg. to let Power Studio handle a music, news or commercial break. Power Studio can be configured to use an alternate audio routing in automation mode, so the on air studio can be used for other tasks.


Because Power Studio has 4 players to play out the content in the playlist, you can create the most complex segues without breaking out a sweat. Or even having to fill additional players manually. You don't even have to keep track of what item has to start next.

Mix editor

Power Studio contains a powerful graphical Mix editor that can be used to manually tune the segues in the playlist to perfection. Editing mixes is as easy as dragging the track or volume handles.

The Mix editor is not limited to any number of tracks. Anything you could play out live, you can whip up and improve in the Mix editor. If you have found a better mix for a track, you can even save it, so Power Studio will use this mix in the future!

Voice tracking

Voice tracking in Power Studio combines the best of both the radio and production studio. Using the Mix editor, talks can be dropped in perfectly timed segues. Or you can fix the mix afterwards, anything goes. Because there is no limit to the number of tracks, talks can be combined with jingles, fillers or sound effects. The only limitation is your own imagination!

Power Studio supports VST plugins to build your own voice processing stack, so there is no need for expensive equipment in the production studio.

Asset management

The Asset management functionality is the heat of the Power Studio application. Information about all tracks, jingles, etc. is stored in a powerful Postgres database, together with customizable classification information that is used by the Music scheduler. Via TCP/IP the music database can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Browser window allows for fast searching, filtering and editing of the tracks. Tracks can be added to the playlist simply by dragging them from the browser.

Tracks can be added in batch with full support for metadata tags. Power Studio automatically finds suitable mix points so filling and maintaining the database is a breeze.

Music scheduler

Power Studio has an extensive Music scheduler that creates fresh, yet recognizable playlists. By creating clock and day formats, you have perfect control over the sound and flow of the station.

The scheduler uses fully customizable categories and classifications together with artist and track separation rules, track ratings and an advanced randomization algorithm to generate playlists which are never the same and never boring.

Playlists can be generated manually or automatically a configurable number of days in advance. But you can always schedule manually eg. on special holidays.



Power Studio is designed with security in mind. Individual users can be assigned rights, so your staff can only access the functions that they need to access. Maybe only the Music Director is allowed to generate playlists or maybe the weekend DJs aren’t allowed to change the playlist. You have complete freedom to grant the rights needed. Power Studio is a Station Manager’s dream.


Power Studio has a powerful plugin architecture which can be used to extend the basic functionality of Power Studio or integrate with external hardware or services. Power Studio comes with a number of ready to use plugins which you can install or enable/disable when you need them.

External content

Power Studio integrates seamlessly with external content providers like World News Company, NOS or ANP, without having to run external downloader or utility tools. External content is downloaded automatically at exactly the right time and inserted in the playout playlist. You can even add an intro, music bed or ending which is automatically rendered with the content. Even the volume curves are exactly timed and completely configurable.

Remote control

Power Studio can integrate with external hardware such as your broadcast mixer to integrate perfectly in your studio’s workflow. Integrations already exist with the D&R Airence/Airlite mixers, Axia LiveWire and MIDI for use with digital mixers.
Also, GPIO is available through the reliable LabJack U3-LV module and the popular VM110 en VM140 extension boards Support for more devices and protocols is added regularly and on request. We can also add support for your mixer.

Now playing

Power Studio can update Now Playing information to streaming processors like Omnia A/XE or Telos ProSTREAM and Shoutcast and Icecast streaming servers. This information can also be exported to a local, network or FTP location in an industry standard XML format, for use in your RDS encoder or website.