Power Sync

Broadcasting is becoming more and more distributed. With studios in multiple locations and talent voice tracking from remote locations it is has never been more challenging to keep content synchronized between all locations.

Be in sync all the time

Because Power Studio uses PostgreSql’s powerful TCP/IP connectivity, the central Power Studio database in your studio can be accessed, securely, from all over the world. However, the high quality media files are too large to access in real time for most internet connections. This is where Power Sync comes in.

Power Sync keeps a local copy of the media files on remote computers and makes sure these files are up-to-date. Power Studio doesn’t even have to be running on the remote location for Power Sync to do its work.

When voice tracking or managing assets, Power Studio communicates with Power Sync, so new or updated files are transferred to the studio immediately. The studio machine is up-to-date within seconds!