Power Studio is honored and proud to be associated with these prestigious partners.

Turnkey solutions & facilities

Radio Groep BV

Radio Groep BV, based in Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium, delivers complete turnkey studio solutions ranging from mobile studios to full fledged multi-studio facilities with integrated visual radio. Studios build by Radio Groep BV are build to run Power Studio at their core.

Radio Groep BV also provides facilities and connectivity for location/outside broadcasts & special projects.

Radio Groep website

Content providers

World News Network

World News Company provides news and weather bulletins to a national, regional and local stations in The Netherlands. Spanish and English-language news is also available. Apart from their national offering they also provide custom made regional and local bulletins at competitive rates.

The World News Network news integrates seamlessly with Power Studio. No separate download tools are needed. Just add your private download URL in Power Studio's Item Download Plugin, add a music bed, add the download macro to the Clock Formats and you're good to go!

World News Company website

Integration partners

Visual Radio Assist

VisualRadioAssist helps automating Visual Radio, by providing tools to control the broadcast, camera's, integrating existing data and playout content. VisualRadioAssist is the leading Visual Radio supplier, used by both national, regional and local broadcasters.

VisualRadioAssist does not try to reinvent the wheel by creating another software processing, streaming or switching your camera video signals and encoding them on the internet (or SDI). Instead VRA delivers the best Visual Radio performance by integrating industry proven hard- and software like vMix, Blackmagic Design ATEM and Hyperdeck and OBS to the Core of VRA.

When creating new signals containing lip-sync music clips, logo overlays or tickertapes the Output Players create broadcast-ready plug-in-play SDI and/or NDI signals for you to use in your existing video set-up.

VisualRadioAssist has a deep integration with Power Studio, providing millisecond accurate sync between music clips and the radio broadcast and automatic synchronalisation of the rundown between Power Studio and VisualRadioAssist.

VisualRadioAssist website